Removeable Gel/Glue Tabs - PRESS REFRESH

Removeable Gel/Glue Tabs - PRESS REFRESH


Additional Replacement Glue tabs for PRESS REFRESH Nails (2 sheets) 48 Gel Tabs




    Complete your prep steps

    Find the best fitted glue tab for each nail. Remove one and place it on a nail, getting as close to the cuticle as you can. This will decrease the chances of lifting. hold and press it into place for 10 seconds, ensuring it's flat and bubble-free. do not remove the plastic film yet. Repeat on all 10 nails.

    Keep your press refresh set organized by size. Begin working from your pinky nail 1st. This will make removing the glue-tab-file easier. Remove the plastic film from your pinky nail. Starting at the cuticle area, angle the press refresh nail down slowly and hold the nail in place firmly, for 10 seconds. repeat this with the rest of your nails, one-by-one.

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